The Pharmacy and Pharmacovigilance Committee which is responsible for issuing the list of essential drugs and monitoring their use. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals: medical (several specialties), pharmacist, nursing, administrative staff and include the phases of the Medication Management process

The functions and scope of competence of the Pharmacy Committee are:

1. Advise on the selection or choice of drugs that meet the most effective therapeutic quality standards. (Selection criteria)

2. Prepare a list of basic drugs for use in the Hospital and make an annual evaluation.

3. Limit the number of drug presentations (doses, concentrations, volumes).

4. Recommend the addition (selection criteria), suppression of drugs from the list of drugs accepted for use in the Hospital. (Pharmacovigilance Procedure)

5. Make recommendations regarding drugs (handling and use) in the areas or services intended for the care of patients in the Hospital.

6. Evaluate errors of medication, therapeutic failure and adverse reactions to drugs that occur in the unit.

7. Follow-up of the newly admitted medicines for up to six months.

Further information:
PHARMACY - Hospital Metropolitano
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