The Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Unit has the support of the best surgeons in the country, a multidisciplinary team of excellence to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

The objective of the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Unit is to offer the patient with overweight, obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome, an accurate information and advice on the integral treatment of their diseases, making available our knowledge and experience With the highest standards of quality and safety in care.

Medical Team
- Dr. Luis Burbano
- Dr. Ana María Cisneros
- Dr. Ramiro Guadalupe
- Dr. Xavier Guarderas
- Dr. Glenda Herrera
- Dr. Frans Serpa
- Dr. Max Torres

About Obesity

Obesity is a disease characterized by excess accumulation of fat and that limits us to have a healthy life, is responsible for the development of very serious diseases that can shorten our lives.
In cases of severe obesity, this is a direct cause of the development of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and sleep loss, among others. There are other diseases that add up to each other to produce irreparable damage to certain vital organs. However the good news is that through a significant loss of weight, it can solve these diseases in patients with obesity.
It is very important to understand that not all obesity symptoms are the same. The specialists use valuations and calculations related to the Body Mass Index to define the weight that the person should maintain to lead a healthy life.

Body Mass Calculator

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Benefits of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Patients experience improvement in their quality of life and the ability to be more involved in family and social activities.

The surgery will take you directly to resolve and improve morbid illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, improvement in the ability to go into deep sleep while sleeping. There is less restriction in their activities, allowing them to have less social and professional limitations. Positive changes in self-esteem, improvement in quality of life, female fertility, and definitely the possibility of longer lives in good health have also been manifested after surgery.

Risks in surgery to lose weight.

Risks are inherent in any surgical procedure. Bariatric and metabolic surgery is not for all cases.


Recent medical advances have shown that Diabetes II is remediable. By applying a metabolic surgery procedure, patients who have experienced prisoners of insulin injections, can now opt for a solution that will enable them to live a better quality of life and above all carry it more normally. Metabolic surgery is an alternative that can give a new horizon to your life.

Metabolic Surgery:

A new surgical treatment that contributes to improving Type II Diabetes.

Metabolic surgery refers to the surgical treatment of Type II Diabetes Mellitus, representing a new treatment option for this disease until now considered only for medical treatment. Metabolic Surgery is derived from bariatric surgery or surgery for morbid obesity. Two types of interventions are performed: the Gastric Bypass and the Duodeno-Yeyunal Bypass, which consists of excluding the duodenum and the proximal segment of the jejunum (first potions of the small intestine) from food traffic, producing changes in hormones and receptors located In this area, which have to do with glycemic control. This procedure can also be performed in combination with the Gastric Sleeve.

In this type of surgery has been reported remission of diabetes in 85% of cases and improvement in 15%. It is ideal for patients who for some reason can not properly carry their treatment or those difficult to control.

There are some criteria for the selection of patients in this type of surgery:
- Age between 25-60 years
- Body Mass Index from 35 kg / m2.
- Diabetes mellitus type II with less than 10 years of evolution.
- Treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents (pills) or if it is being treated with insulin, maximum 7 years using it.