Clinical Laboratory

It is equipped with the latest technology, has fully automated procedures, achieving precision, accuracy, speed in processing samples and delivering timely results. The equipment is auto-analyzer and is part of a computer network.

We have an agreement with Specialty Laboratories in California, which is our reference laboratory in the U.S., as a support to our laboratory for the special tests that we do not perform in the country. The consumer pays the price of the procedure established by the American laboratory without any additional cost to the patient.

Routine and Emergency 
attention to:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Laboratory sampling at home
  • Corporate Services


Effective Organization
The laboratory's main goal is to help your doctor determine an exact, prompt and accurate diagnosis and reporting not only random results. The Clinical Laboratory has procedures and operations manuals, job descriptions, communication systems and ongoing education programs for physicians and technologists.
Patients are treated in a friendly and efficient manner.
Laboratory tests give us important scientific information, and often vital, of the body and its functions.
We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Optimal Profile
The laboratory work is carried out by a group of medical professionals and technicians with extensive experience.
The performance of the tests is in charge of medical technologists, trained and under constant supervision of qualified medical personnel.
The interpretation and implementation of special tests is done by the laboratory medical staff.
This group of physicians has a specific professional education.
Laboratory physicians interpret the results of their tests and are consultants to your treating doctor, in search of the better and faster treatment to protect your and your family’s health.
The laboratory specialists are constantly updated in national and international congresses and training courses and internships in reference laboratories in Latin America and the United States.

Total Quality
The laboratory participates in a strict internal and external quality control as assurance of the quality of its services. The daily us of control serum, ensures the accuracy and precision of the results. External Quality Control is supported by the CAP (College of American Pathology), qualified U.S. entity to monitor and evaluate clinical laboratories.