Outpatient Hospital

Hospital Metropolitano is pioneer in the country to implement the Outpatient Hospital area.

No time to be hospitalized?

The Outpatient Hospital facilities provide you and your family care and surgical attention from Monday through Saturday, with the quality and safety standards of Hospital Metropolitano.



  1. Save time.
  2. Return home the same day.
  3. 6 modern operating rooms.
  4. Designed areas for ambulatory surgery with functional relationship between them.
  5. Functional and comfortable environments.
  6. Qualified professionals.
  7. Ongoing medical coverage.
  8. 16 private rooms with TV Cable.
  9. Large parking area.
  10. Personalized and warm care.

LOCATION: Meditropoli Medical Center, Hospital del dia-FESALUD Lobby

PHONE: (appointments): 226 9330 / 226 9333 / 226 9334, ext. 4113/4114