Neurophysiology Epilepsy Clinic

The Epilepsy Clinic becomes the first component of the services of the Neurophysiology Unit of Hospital Metropolitano. The services provided by this clinic open a new stage in the study and management of patients with epilepsy.
Along with the diagnosis process the technical support leads to a more accurate diagnosis of the type of epilepsy, which allows the establishment of more effective therapeutic options with fewer side effects.

It has a team of EEG of 16 and 32 digital channels with pin detector and video-monitoring, both for outpatient and inpatient care. This equipment allows more accurate and reliable studies.

The results are analyzed and reported by medical neurologists with special training in neurophysiology and expertise in epilepsy. This will offer not only improvements in the traditional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, but also allows offering surgical treatment to patients who require it.

The Epilepsy Clinic is the only one that has the technology and equipment necessary to perform surgical procedures for treatment of epilepsy.
Epilepsy surgery is a treatment option for those patients presenting refractory epilepsy, meaning that despite being on 3 antiepileptic drugs to the maximum tolerated dose, they continue to have seizures.

The surgical procedure is based on a monitoring protocol prior to the intervention itself, the monitoring consists of:

  • Record continuous Video-EEG.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Brain Resonance with epilepsy protocol.
  • Neuropsychological Valuation.

For a better understanding of each study of the monitoring stage, find a brief description of each study:


To monitor the inpatient with a digital EEG and video, recording continuously until at least 3 typical crisis arte taped. The result is studied by neurophysiologists trained in epilepsy.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Se realiza una resonancia magnética nuclear con cortes finos y orientados hacia el tipo de epilepsia que se desea estudiar. Las imágenes son informadas por neurorradiólogos expertos.

Valoración Neurosicológica

We perform a nuclear magnetic resonance with thin sections and oriented towards the type of epilepsy to be studied. The images are studied by expert neuroradiologists.
Neuropsychological Valuation.

It is done as an interview, the patient can be either inpatient or outpatient, and the objective is to develop a psychological profile of the patient and his surroundings.
Once the monitoring is done, a personalized treatment is designed for each patient; this may be clinical or surgical.

Epilepsy surgery is a safe procedure that has been done for many years in various hospitals in the world with very good results.
The procedure requires microsurgical resection of the origin of the seizures in the brain, previously located in the video-monitoring study. As each patient is different, a customized surgical plan is designed. After an intervention of this kind and under ideal circumstances, no neurological after effect will occur.

Thanks to the technology used and the protocols developed, the Hospital has the standards of large epilepsy study centers worldwide.


Neurophysiologists (are responsible for interpreting the video-monitoring):
Dr. Patricio Abad
Dr. Jorge Pesántez
Dr. Ramiro Montenegro
Dr. Patricio Abad
Dr. Jorge Pesántez
Dr. Gonzalo Dueñas  
Dr. Alex Sevilla  
Dr. Carlos Barzallo
TELEPHONE 226 93 43

LOCATION: Ave. Ma. De Jesús y N. Arteta, Meditropoli Building, Outpatient Hospital

TELEPHONE: 226 9343 / 226 9330, Ext. 4130