Laboratory of Genetics (DNA)

Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics has been in Ecuador for very few years. In 1997, Dr. Dora Sanchez conducted the first DNA paternity study which marked the beginning of a new era in Medicine in Ecuador, with the incorporation of genetics into everyday practice in health care. Since then, there has been an increasing development of this area of knowledge, which is the biomedical field with most potential in the future. This laboratory opened since 2002 within Hospital Metropolitano, and has the best technology center nationwide, offering the widest range of diagnosis tests concentrated in one place. It has two branches, one in Guayaquil and one in Cuenca.
It is a reference laboratory in the area of Molecular Genetics and Immunogenetics in the country, with the highest standards of quality and committed to the welfare and health of patients. Diagen has positioned itself as the leading provider of services in the area of molecular genetics in the country, performing an ongoing research effort to incorporate each day new genetic analysis by DNA that can provide support to the physician and the clinic.

We offer a specialized, highly qualified and reliable service.
All this has allowed us to bring together various sub specialties of Molecular Genetics in the same laboratory, such as Forensic Genetics, Immunogenetics, Molecular Medicine, Molecular Microbiology, and Molecular Oncology. This multidisciplinary approach builds understanding of the medical problem and provides a suitable alternative to the patient.