Patient Rights and Obligations

Patient Rights

Dear patient:

You, as anyone who visits the Quito Hospital Metropolitano for attention to their health needs are entitled to:

  1. To recive all the members of the  hospital, treatment in accordance whith their dignity as a  person, or cordia, warm and respectful of their being, their cultural identity, their beliefs, their customs and  values,Hospital categorized as serious misconduct, acts or rude or  disparaging any violence or coercion.
  2. know, understand and  exercise full freedom in terms of his will in regard to their health, the rigths are set out in this statement. These rights can be exercised by himself or by a person representing him and that his name , make the decisions it deems appropriate in relation to their health.
  3. To  recive high quality care that is respectful, thoughful, personal, responsible, timely, continuous, safe, adequate health problem,  integral, to respect their best interests and technically sound.
  4. Assistance whit all  technical and human resources, adequate to relieve their siffering, and not to be subjected to  treatments involving unnecessary isolation of their family , work or  socia.
  5. Know  the  name of  the physician responsible for coordinating you care, and  the  names and specialties of all professionals who care for  you.
  6. enjoy complete privasy, both in terms of their private life whit regard to  care procces.for this purpose, clinical assessment, physical exam, disccussion of his health problem, implementation of treatment  are  confidential professional acts that must lead quietly serves. It also has right to maintain absolute secrecy about all information concerning his private life, diagnosis, treatment is established or the results of test or interventions to be practiced.  therefore,  you are entiled to know the reason  for  the presence of any stranger, and to  reject their presence if you  think,  and to  authorize or  not in writing, that your medical record be  in the hands of people not directly involved  in attention. 
  7. To recive accurate, clear,  complete and timely information  about your  condition,the treatment is  to  be conducted and the  results thereof, as well as the  evolution and prognosis of  your condition.
  8. Recive all  necessary information to  accept or reject the  application of  any treatment or procedure that is proposed to carry out. Exept in emergencies, this information includes the description of the procedure or treatment,  significant risks from the  clinical point of view, the  alternatives can  be considered, including not intervening, the  risks inherent in each alternative and the name of the people would carry out the treatment.
  9. Actively participate in decisions concerning their care, to  the extent permitted by law, this includes the  right to refuse to consider it andsubmit to  medical practices, and to refuse tretment which has  not consedent.
  10. Free to  choose or  change your  doctor, seek the advice or intervention by another physician at  any time. 
  11. Having timely and  reasonable response to  their requests, to meet his expectations.
  12. Leaving the  hospital, under  its   responsability, expressed in writing,  even against medical advise.
  13. To  determine whether the  treatment is proposed as  part of clinicalreserarch being carried out in the  hospital or treatment is experimental in nature, and refuse to be part of it or him. it also has right to know wheter to care that is offered as part of of process of health education, and  refuse to  take part in it.
  14. If your  condition is  terminal, that if  you or  your  representative so  request,  in proper form,  not made extraordinary procedures to  prolong her  life,  and to  recive in any  case, all  atention  avaliable to alleviate their sufferings.
  15. Recive religious, moral or spiritual care for  duration, or reject it.
  16. Require flexibility and simplicity of administrative procedures that need attention,  and to examine and to  receive explanations of  the case regarding the  collection account to submit to the  hospital for  sevices renderes or that the fees of the  professionals who attended, regardless the source of payment.
  17. Exercise these rights whithout descrimination based on  race, sex, sexual orientation,cultural,economic,educational,socia, political,religious, or associated with decisions made at the  attention it brings,  or related to  the source or  the payment of the value of the  servise we provide.


Patient´s Obligations

Dear  Patient:

Since our purpose id to serve the best and the highest levels of quality, we would appreciate warm welcom these suggestions:

  1. Provide accurate and clear as any information that may be requested to supplement the data needed to establish the diagnosis and formulate the most  appropriate treatment to their health status.
  2. Comply with the advice given by the treating physician or nurse or other disciplines and to avoid events that disturb other inpatients.
  3. Comply with information relating to the administration of medicines, limitations in their physical activity, foos intake, etc.
  4. Mantain the respect and consideration for the hospital staff and to  orther patients and respecting the policies of the hospital.
  5. Tell  your  family to  give favorable consideration requests regarding visiting hours (desirably 11:00 to 19:45) or the number of people who, sumultaneously, can join him in the room ( preferably no more than two ).
  6. Sing, directly or through his representative, authorizations and consents as requested to implement a treatment or a  test or an intervention (in  case you dont, understand that it has exercised its right to refuse and we will not carry out treatment, testing or proposed intervention), and sing the declainer document by which he expresses his desire to  leave the hospital.
  7. Communicate any concerns, request, nuinsace, failure or problem that relates to the care that  was provided or is being given to the chief Nurse(for receving the telephone extension 2115 or 2100) or the General Supervisor hospital (per receving telephone extension 2115 or 2100).

Your Nurse is available to inform how to proceed in each case.