In 1977 a visionary group of leading physicians with optimism gestated the idea of building,in the city of Quito, hospital with international standards. Two years later, in 1979, a historic strategic alliance with U.S. company AMI, American Medical International, is Conclina CA that would lead us to initiate a project to transform hospital medical care in the country.

In 1982 starts the construction of the hospital and three years later, on November 14, 1985, the Hospital Metropolitano opened its doors to the community, initiating a new era in medicine in the country, creating a new model of hospital management, the while pole erected in a dynamic development of the city.

Since its  inception, the hospital showed social sensitivity, and thus is born in 1986 metrofratemidad foundation,  the clearest expression of solidarity withe the invaluable support of the medical corps of the hospital, providing free assistance to thousands of patients with very limited resouces.

The hospital's history has been one of constant growth and innovation:

In 1990 the hospital expanded its area of patient consultation with Building Diagnostics 2000 and Metropolitan Medical Center.

The hospital has always been at the forefront of knowledge in 1992 became the metropolitan teaching hospital, a model of university-sponsored education, becoming a benchmark for training in the field of postgraduate studies, thus contributing to the development of health Ecuador.

In 1995, the hospital implemented the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance service.

Develop the knowledge, skills and technology needed to meet special programs in laparoscopic surgery, open heart transplants and other highly complex procedures.

In 2001 began the technology upgrade with the purchase of a digital angiographic art.

In 2002 began the renovation of the hospital image by starting a new process of technological upgrading and refurbishment of its infrastructure to make it even more friendly and closer to our patients and visitors.

2003 was a very important year. Dozens of people finally found an alternative to ensure their lives. The Hospital Metropolitano became the first accredited center in the country for deceased donor kidney transplant. A process that is developing highly successful and under strict ethical standards.

In 2004, offers patients the Intelligent Operating Room OR1 first one in the country and the most advanced in Latin America.

En el 2005, adquiere un equipo de resonancia magnética 1,5 Tesla, y continúa en sus procesos de remodelación.

In 2006, the institution implements the Integrated Quality System (SGIC) to ensure the highest quality of services to its users is implemented, so the browser "Orthopilot" high-tech equipment to implant prosthesis with high accuracy .

In 2007 Metrolaser opens the doors of the center of the country's modern laser vision correction;In April 2007, the hospital is certified with ISO 9001:2000 in late 2007 acquired a 64 multislice scanner last generation, and an ultrasonic aspirator neuroendoscope and ultrasound system and 4-dimensional volume, the faster the world. In 2008 it acquired the latest in laser and aesthetic skin treatments, it is the newcomer to Ecuador Team Fotona Laser brand. Following the same line of laser treatments, the hospital gets a new technology for prostate interventions called Green Light, this new dimension of treatment is less invasive and requires hospitalization.

The year 2009 has been established as a period of revival of transplant programs in different areas. It becomes an institution with the largest number of kidney transplants in the country. It makes an important agreement between the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Economic and Social Council and the Hospital Metropolitano to perform for the first time in the country, liver transplants, making it the only health center qualified to perform this type of surgery, these agreements and programs ended in 2014.

Hospital Metropolitano, at the forefront in technology, acquire new equipment and procedures pioneered in the country, in the case of capsule endoscopy and RIS & PACS. Capsule endoscopy is a procedure that explores and evaluates the small intestine, colon and esophagus by a camera located inside a small capsule, being the most effective option in the market. Ris & Pacs System is a new service offered by the area of ??radiology is to integrate digital images with global information reports and making them available to the patient both the radiologist and the other doctors at the hospital.

Entering the year of the twenty-seventh anniversary, the Hospital Metropolitano remains true to its commitment to service and innovation, so that in its expansion plan, the Hospital Metropolitano opened in March 2010 the Medical Tower 1, the first building completed in 3 in the project. These buildings will house doctors' offices, cafeteria, pharmacy, banks, shops and related parking spaces to provide and contribute to beautifying the city, its modern design and generous.

Continuing the process of expansion, the hospital opened the doors of its modern Radiotherapy Unit, as part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center "Mitrovica" to provide the service of the highest quality cancer treatment. The Unit has the required standards and a team of high technology called Linear Accelerator, which is capable of producing photons with mega voltage radiation dose concentrates in diseased tissue and protects healthy tissue.

The Hospital Metropolitano was re-certified with ISO 9001:2008 compliance requirements on products and services offered to the community. This will be valid until 2010. In addition, in 2009; CA Hospital Metropolitano Conclina was rated AAA-risk by signing Rattings BankWatch, being the highest rating conferred in Ecuador, which has allowed him to successfully trace their actions in different exchanges.

On November 18, 2010, received special recognition by the Great Place to Work, a company that measures the work environment and people management practices, as the company that registered the greatest improvement in their working environment. Earlier this month, America Economia Magazine called the Hospital Metropolitano as number 1 in Ecuador and 26 in Latin America in the health sector, where there are over 20,000 hospitals between public and private.

On November 14, 2010, the Hospital Metropolitano celebrated 28 years in the healthcare market following its successful track record in providing excellence in service and quality in their care. Hospital Metropolitano, in his first 28 years in the healthcare market will continue his brilliant career by providing excellence in service, patient safety and quality in their care.

In December 2010, the Hospital Metropolitano acquired the latest equipment on MRI (3 tesla), it has the highest power allowed for the morphological study of the human body, being the first team to Ecuador with these characteristics.

In 2011 Torres Medicas was opened, the infrastructure that houses a good amount of medical specialists for the service to the community. Hospital Metropolitano was proudly accredited by the Joint International Commission, making it the only hospital in Ecuador with this international accreditation.

In 2014 Hospital Metropolitano receives re-accreditation by the JCI (Joint Commission International)

In 2015 the new angiograph equipment was acquired, this machine allows our specialist to perform cardiac and neurological interventions such as aneurysms or vascular malformations in the brain.

In 2016, Hospital Metropolitano demonstrates again its excellence when is recertified for the third time ISO 9001: 2008. Hospital Metropolitano continues to maintain its technological forefront by tripling the investment in equipment compared to 2015, among others the new “Giraffe” thermal cradle for ??Neonatology and ICU, Philips Epic 7 and Spark portable ultrasound, Digital C-Arm Siemens useful for vascular treatments and follow-ups and surgical procedures.