Comprehensive Cancer Center

Radiation therapy is with surgery and chemotherapy one of the three wepons  most important and effective therapeutic for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer Care
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At present  the cancer in our country is the second cause of the death, accordingly  Hospital Metropolitano strengthens its leadership role in health-oriented cancer treatment under a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach.

The  comprehensive Cancer Center "Metrovida" now provides a service for the comprehensive cancer treatment through radiation therapy unit with a team of art.

The linear accelerator for medical use that  Hospital Metropolitano has acquired a Siemens accelerator,Oncor Impression PLUS Model,built in Germany. It is capable of producing photons with two potential acceleration of 6 and 18 MV and electrons with different energies 6 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 MeV.

This equipment helps the radiation delivered to our hospital with the highest accuracy in two ways: The 3D Radiotherapy and IMRT or modulated intensity radiotherapy; achieving a uniform distribution and accurate at the tumor or area to be treated.

The way the radiation therapy acts primarily at the cellular level,is to obtain results in the cell death or complete eradication of the disease.It can be given exclusively for the treatment of disease or may be administered concurrently or simultaneously with other treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

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